From This Day Forward

The second type of purity everyone must focus on is inward purity. This type of purity refers to the condition of your heart. In fact, if you are struggling with outward purity, it's likely the result of a lack of inward purity. Inward purity begins in your heart through a relationship with Christ, and you maintain inward purity by nurturing and continually growing your relationship with Him. Inward purity is also the result focusing your mind and thoughts on Christ and not on things that are impure. Be passionate about pleasing God and living a life of total purity, both inside and out.

Talk: Share with your spouse the current condition of your heart. Discuss what things both of you need to do in order to maintain inward purity.

Pray: Ask God to help both of you make inward changes you need to make in order to have a pure heart.

Do: Publicly express your love for your spouse today. A great way to do so would be to post something positive about your spouse on Facebook or Twitter or to speak well of them in front of others.