P.S: God's Not Done Yet

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Pace of Grace...

Our 3 1/2 year old son is headstrong. He knows what he wants, and once he has fixed his eyes on something, he will not budge till he gets it. At times we've felt we needed to bribe him. But next time, we’ll try not to ‘over-promise’ him. Some parents may know what I'm talking about.

So one day, we told our son that we were going to get him legos. He loves legos these days.

We told him we needed to eat lunch first, but he refused to eat and started to talk only about the legos. We were hilariously frustrated.

Everything else had become a blur and of no interest at all, he chose to starve before getting the legos.

When that happened somehow, God gave my wife and me a nudge, and it went like this; “You see, somehow that's what happens if I reveal everything I have for you. You will not want to hear, eat or even listen to Me, because you will become fixated on the reward/goal.”

I don’t know where you are right now, but somehow I believe some of you needed to hear that.

You are not getting what you want at this moment, because God is trying to protect and teach you. You will need to eat (read His Words) and walk with God.

The journey is long, but God is faithful. You will eventually get there. What God has promised you, will come to pass.

Trust His guidance.

He knows what you're going through, and the season you are in. God is bigger than your situation.

P.S: God’s Not Done Yet~