P.S: God's Not Done Yet

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On The Way...

So about our son, he loves airplanes a lot. These days are about jet fighters, airbus, private jets, airports, and so on. He always wants to see the real ones. So one day, me and my wife wanted to surprise him.

There is a cafe where we live that displays a wide range of airplanes, so we thought to surprise him by getting lunch there right away after school.

On that day, after his school dismissal, we got him ready with proper clothes and ensured everything else was okay for him to enjoy the day.

On the way to the cafe, he just looked around from the car window - enjoying the moment, I guess.

At a distance, before we reached the cafe, he saw a few airplanes flying over, and he got super excited and wanted me to stop the car immediately!

I told him, “Just because you can see it doesn’t mean we are there yet, and we cannot stop here. I’ll stop when we reach the place, and you can see airplanes closer.”

Where are you at right now? Maybe you feel stuck. God is surely bringing you to a new place you’ve desired, or probably He will surprise you.

You may feel inadequate, disqualified, or unworthy, but God is preparing you. As you keep on worshipping and praising Him, God is walking with you! God will provide you with everything you need to get you through!

Seek first His kingdom, and all will be added.
Ask, and you will receive.
Seek, and you will find.
Knock, and doors will be opened.

You may feel you want to stop now, but God is still moving.

God is taking you to where you are supposed to be!