Jeremiah: When God Calls You to Hard Things


Day 1: When God Calls You to Hard Things

Written by Janet- World Team Missionary in Brazil

The prophet Jeremiah was called by God to share a message of repentance and impending doom to the Israelites—in particular, the Kingdom of Judah. They had repeatedly broken their covenant with God. They had forsaken him and were worshipping foreign gods.

Considering the society in which Jeremiah lived, God’s call was no easy task. The land of Judah was in total chaos. Orphans, widows and the poor and vulnerable were all outcasts. No one looked out for them. No one cared. Most people were too busy trying to curate the favor and protection of the latest foreign gods, building wealth for themselves and living hedonistic lives. Even more appalling was that the Babylonian practice of child sacrifice had weaved its way into the Israelite community. All lines were blurred. Confusion reigned. Even the land and animals were scourged. Injustice had metastasized into every crack and crevice of society.

Because of their blatant rebellion, Jerusalem would be under siege and later destroyed by the Babylonians. Worse yet, once the land was utterly devastated, the Israelites would be taken captive for 70 years in what is now called the Babylonian Captivity. God charged Jeremiah with a prophetic message of his coming wrath, not only on Israel, but on all the nations who had led her astray.

Jeremiah’s call did not promise worldly success. God tasked him with a job that had a guaranteed burn notice. He could be sure death threats and blacklists would follow. Moreover, he was an unlikely candidate for his day—young and inexperienced. Facing these monumental odds, Jeremiah persisted and obeyed, and God met him where he was, assuring him that he would strengthen him like a “bronze wall” to stand firm in his calling.

Just like Jeremiah, with God’s help, we can do hard things. Despite the current prevailing moral chaos and confusion, by God’s grace, we too can live out his purpose for our lives in our generation. And while we aren’t promised worldly success, we can be assured that God will be with us and that he will strengthen us and give us the courage to persevere.