Real Hope: Back to Basics - Prayer

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Amen – however we enunciate this word, we know it goes at the end of a prayer and we know that the prayer time is finished and we can look up.

I think that sometimes we overcomplicate prayer. For me, it is talking with God. This can be done informally or formally. Alone or with others. Short and quick or long and exploratory. It doesn’t matter. It is a key part of our relationship with God. As David writes in Psalm 17, call on God and He will answer. This doesn’t mean that we get what we want, but we know that God hears us and He turns His ear to our prayer and to us and our situation. So we can speak with God with confidence knowing that He hears us… always.

That is what a relationship is about. Communication.

Jesus took prayer very seriously and there are lots of examples of Him setting aside time to pray and His prayers in the Gospels. It is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean it has to be formal.

Take the time to speak with God, whenever it’s needed, wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing. Even when you’re driving – just don’t close your eyes!

So, let’s pray. Thank you Lord that you hear my prayers, whether they are said out loud or in my mind, whether I am at home, out and about, or at church. Thank you Lord, just knowing that you hear my prayers, brings me both confidence and comfort. Amen.