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Finding Sync

My wife and I were recently in a small group setting where one of our close friends, who happens to be a psychotherapist, led us in a breathing exercise. We were asked to face our partner and slowly begin to breathe together. Looking into her eyes and slowly breathing in and out, no physical touch, just noticing her breathing- in and out.

I felt a range of emotions during this exercise. Initial responses toward doing something new, staring at someone else- wondering what they're thinking, recognizing their breathing. Once our breathing was in sync, we were asked to think about what it is about our partner that we are grateful for. We couldn’t talk, we just had to think these thoughts. Happiness warmed my body and I couldn’t help but share a subtle grin- just thinking about my wife and how much I love her.

I often think about this exercise in relation to prayer. I liken prayer to a moment of breathing with God:
Finding sync, and being warmed by the gratitude of how much I love Jesus because of how much He loves me.

Prayer is like breathing in and out with God.

Written by SAM FAGAN

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