Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

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The final root we want to examine in this series is the multi-generational relationships. College is a time when you are surrounded by people your own age. It's easy to get caught up thinking that those who are older have no idea about what life is really like. And those who are younger are just too immature to understand what we now know.

The temptation is real to think that no generation has ever been as wise, as knowing, as whatever the buzz word is for today! Maybe every generation has felt that way! Maybe that is why the Lord included the instructions to Titus that we read today.

There is great value to being involved in multi-generational relationships. The family is the most obvious example. However, families may not be the best example for you. It's safe to think that many families are not the best example to learn from or emulate. However, if your family is not the one most people should strive to be like, take courage. That's where being rooted to the local church can be of great benefit to you.

Don't hesitate to reach out to an older man or woman that you observe who is living out their faith in your local congregation. If you don't know them well enough, ask your pastor or college leader to suggest someone or make the introduction for you. If they are living a life worthy of imitation, then they are living life as they believe Jesus would want them to do so. Most of them would be honored to share what they have learned with you, if you ask with humility and a teachable spirit.

You may have to endure some corny dad jokes, or wade through some stories about the good ole days, but the nuggets of wisdom you will gain are worth it! Having a relationship with someone who is not your peer is so beneficial in so many areas. You may also even help them learn some things along the way! Stay rooted in multi-generational relationships for both your sakes.

The local church is the best place to cultivate these wonderfully valuable relationships! Don't forget to stay rooted during these days that many consider transitional. Your spiritual health depends on it!


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Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

College is a great time to choose to develop your personal faith. There are enemies who will try to shipwreck and destroy it, but you can choose to make sure your faith is well rooted. A faith rooted in the fundamentals ...

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