Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

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Going off to college can sever the most essential root for believers—the relationship with your local church—THE ROOT that has nourished your faith for a number of years—THE PLACE where you most associate meeting with Jesus—THE PEOPLE who most encouraged you to walk with the Lord. Now that you find yourself hours away from being able to be with them, what do you do?

Campus ministries like the one I lead are great supplements to the local church but terrible substitutes! Our ministries can serve as effective bridges between the students you meet on campus and the local churches that they might not ever go to on their own. But, the local church is a place where everyone needs to be ROOTED firmly!

Our scripture for today points out that we are to consider one another in the area of encouraging love and good works. It goes on to point out that meeting together is pivotal in accomplishing this task. The Covid pandemic demonstrated just how much we need to meet together as believers. Zoom is great for transferring information, but horrible at encouraging relationships! We need to be in the same space with other human beings. As believers, we need the church to help our faith thrive!

It might seem old fashioned, but make sure you are rooted in a local church—one close enough for you attend every week—one that will provide the opportunity for you to be known and to know others—one that will foster your devotion to Christ and His mission to reach the world—one filled with grace, hope and love—one that challenges you to multiply your life for the gospel. Don't allow college to become a time when you give up the habit of meeting with other believers across all age groups. Stay rooted in a local congregation!

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Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

College is a great time to choose to develop your personal faith. There are enemies who will try to shipwreck and destroy it, but you can choose to make sure your faith is well rooted. A faith rooted in the fundamentals ...

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