Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

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Another key root for your faith during college is the leaders of the church you choose to attend. These four or five years are critical in your faith development. The people who lead your church, your small group, and your campus ministry are going to be ones who shape the way you think and live, so choose wisely who you will serve with and learn from.

Once you have prayed about where to get plugged into, settle in to that ministry and church. Avoid the temptation to church hop and the urge to be involved in every Christian ministry on campus. Doing those things is a sure plan to not make an impact on others during your college experience! Allow God to develop deeper relationships in fewer places and watch Him multiply your impact for the kingdom.

As we read in our scripture passage for today, one of the ways you can make it a joy for your leaders is to pray for them regularly. Pray that they will lead well. When they lead well, it is easier for you and I to follow them well and to obey their teaching and to make it a joy for them to be our leaders because we are keeping in step with the Spirit.

When we are serving and sharing, it demonstrates to our leaders that we are on the right track and that we are rooted well in the gospel. When we are doing good works, it shows them that we don't need as much of their time, and therefore, they can focus on others as well. You might be surprised to know that your leaders actually do worry about your spiritual condition. Or at least, the good ones do! Showing up regularly, fulfilling your calling, and demonstrating your walk with the Lord in tangible ways is such a relief to your leaders.

Let's all try to be our pastors' and leaders' biggest fans this week. Let's offer praise to the Father and praise to them this week. Let's invite others to join us as we sing our praises to the Father and meet together to encourage one another to continue to seek the Lord and His presence. Make sure you are developing your roots with your leaders this week.

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Rooted: Developing a Faith That Will Last

College is a great time to choose to develop your personal faith. There are enemies who will try to shipwreck and destroy it, but you can choose to make sure your faith is well rooted. A faith rooted in the fundamentals ...

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