Planetshakers - Overflow

Come Right Now

Our God is so good! He has provided us with everything we need to live a life of abundance. In Acts 2 we read how the disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit. It was a supernatural experience that filled them with ability, efficiency, and might to make a difference in their world.

From this one experience we see the birthing of the church, the sending out, the boldness and courage to spread the good news of Jesus throughout the known world. We have the same access to this amazing power of the Holy Spirit today! God wants to continue to empower us, His church, to see the kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven. Whatever your world looks like, God wants to empower you to make a difference!

In reading this scripture, imagine what a very challenging time this would’ve been for all the disciples. They had just watched their friend, Savior, and mentor be crucified, and the world they knew appeared to be crashing down. All of the hopes and dreams in the disciples’ minds, their ideas of this world that Jesus had been describing while He walked among them, was in disarray.

While some of them had seen Jesus after His death, they were all waiting for something they really had no concept of--someone just like Jesus--the promised Holy Spirit. These men and women waited and prayed in faith in the midst of the chaos.

Sometimes the world we imagined can come crashing down too and what we have dreamed doesn’t become a reality. Hopelessness, despair, and disappointment can creep into our thinking. I’m sure the disciples would have felt all this and more.

Yet, they held on to the promise, they held on to the words of Jesus. Then, suddenly, it came! The promised Holy Spirit came, and it was for each of them. It was the power of God working in them and through them to enable them to accomplish things far beyond their own abilities.

Today, let the words of this song ring in your heart. “Come right now, Holy Spirit, release Your power. Lord, we are hungry for more of You. Heaven’s open, You’re bursting through, filling this place like a rushing wind.” Ask for empowerment from the Holy Spirit and allow Him to wipe away all of your doubts and propel you forward to see your world revolutionized by the power of God moving through you.