Called To Love

A Place for Me - Believe and belong

After spending years by His side, the disciples were absolutely distraught thinking about life without Jesus. Seeing the miracles, hearing His teaching, learning what it means to love and live, the disciples couldn’t believe it was all about to end. But it wasn’t. In fact, Jesus gave them a promise that it was only going to get better; that all they were working towards was about to come to fruition. He promises them that he is going to prepare a place where for eternity they could be with Jesus.

All that Jesus did on earth was to defeat the power of sin over humanity, the power of death and destruction. He overcame it by living a faultless life, exampling for us a true love, sacrificing Himself on the cross, and finally raising up from the dead granting us victory. He opened the door for anyone who believes in Him to have a place by His side, a place in the family, a place to belong. Live today knowing that Jesus gave it all for YOU and that you have a place you belong in His loving embrace.

Prayer -
• Lord, help me in my unbelief and let me not be troubled by the vain things of the world
• Help me remember and live like I have a purpose and belong to you

Thanksgiving -
• Thank you, Lord, that you have overcome sin so that we can have a place to belong with you
• Thank you that I can live today with purpose and belonging