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Grace Upon Grace

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Finished Work of Christ

What is the work that Christ finished?

In the very beginning, there was true communion and relationship with our Creator, our Guide. Everything was perfect until the first man and woman decided that autonomy from God was more valuable than a deep dependency on Him. This is where sin began. What they thought was freedom from God did not free them at all. This decision led to a death sentence for all of humanity. Humans had separated themselves from God.

But God, who is so rich in mercy, began His plan not only to forgive our sin, but to restore our relationship with Him. Throughout the Old Testament we see signs and prophecies pointing toward Jesus. The rituals and sacrifices of the old covenant were only temporary measures, but then Jesus came to earth: fully man and fully God. He didn’t think of equality with the Father as something to cling to, but selflessly allowed His body to be crushed and broken. His blood, poured out for our sins, flowed from His body as He spoke His last words and took His final breath.

“It is finished.”

The price of sin is death—mine and yours. We owed a debt that we could not pay. Jesus shared with His disciples that the most potent expression of love is laying one’s life down for a friend. And He didn’t use words alone; He displayed His love for us with action. The God of the universe took the weight of every sin that would ever be committed upon His shoulders and paid the price of our sin once and for all. And to anyone who asks for His grace and forgiveness, the ledger that tallies our debt is cleared.

This is the best news we’ve ever received. And the story doesn’t even end there. At dawn on the third day, Jesus rose again, and He promises this same resurrection power to anyone who puts their faith in Him. The old passes away and He makes us new. We celebrate the finished work of Christ—the one who is our strength for today and our hope for tomorrow.

For some of you, this gospel truth is something you’ve heard a million times. You may even feel a little desensitized to it. I encourage you to take a moment to remember what life was like before you encountered Jesus. I felt unlovable, unforgivable, and unfinished. But then God loved me and forgave me, and He’s now actively working in my life to perfect and complete my faith. We celebrate that His redemptive work on the cross is finished, even as we humbly ask that He continue His life-giving work in our hearts and lives.


Because of Your finished work, I have hope. Thank You for loving me. Continue what You’ve begun in my life. It belongs to You. Amen.

—Life.Church Worship Pastor Daniel Rogers

Worship with the song Finished Work of Christ.

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Grace Upon Grace

This Bible Plan accompanies the album Grace Upon Grace from Life.Church Worship. The songs included in the album arise from the heart and stories of our church. We pray you’re encouraged and enlightened by the daily devo...


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