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Grace Upon Grace

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Inheritance: From Slave to Heir

When you think about the spiritual inheritance that you receive for being a follower of Jesus, is heaven the first thing to pop into your head? The mansion that Jesus is preparing, crowns filled with jewels, the golden streets, and being in God’s unfiltered presence ... These things are absolutely true and of course a significant part of our inheritance as believers—but far too often we forget that we have an inheritance that we can experience on this side of eternity as well.

We were all born into separation from God. From the point of conception, we’ve been subject to the brutal consequences of sin. The Word says that we were slaves to sin. And what comes along with sin? Pain, suffering, anger, anxiety, disease, and death. And we’re just scratching the surface. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing good.

“The enemy comes onlyto steal and kill and destroy …” If I’m being honest, most of the time when I quote John 10:10, I stop there; but that’s only the first half of the verse. Jesus then goes on to say, “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.” Jesus, in all His goodness, laid down His life for the slave—so that the slave can be called a child. A son and a daughter. Heirs to the Most High King.

An inheritance is always preceded by a death. Well, guess what? That death happened over 2,000 years ago, which means that our inheritance began when Christ said, “It is finished.”

The countless promises woven throughout God’s Word are for right now.We don’t just reap the benefits of following Jesus when our heart stops beating. We have the Holy Spirit living in us right now. We can have life to the fullest today.

Jesus is the inheritance. His never-ending love, joy, peace, and kindness are available to you right in this very moment. Yes, we are called to die with Christ and share in His suffering, and sin still sucks, but we weren’t made to be miserable. That wasn’t the design. The plan has always been for us to be in communion with God. To have a relationship with our loving Creator. But it requires taking every thought captive, focusing our heart and attention on Jesus, and walking in step with the Holy Spirit.

You were a slave to sin, but you’re now invited to be a child of the King—and heir to His countless benefits. Step into that invitation and live life to the fullest.

—Life.Church Worship Pastor Gabe Evans

Worship with the song Inheritance.

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Grace Upon Grace

This Bible Plan accompanies the album Grace Upon Grace from Life.Church Worship. The songs included in the album arise from the heart and stories of our church. We pray you’re encouraged and enlightened by the daily devo...


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