Anger Free Dad


The Anger Free Dad

If you have kids, they likely took your last name—the same last name you inherited from your father. Your last name is more than an identifier on your driver’s license. It points to your heritage. There’s a long history behind the name you carry: good people, bad characters, maybe fortunes gained and fortunes lost. You may be like many dads who are hoping to instill in your son the value of a good name.

Throughout the Bible, God often changed people’s names. It wasn’t that their old name was bad, but the new name identified a change in their relationship with God or a change in their character. For example, Abram (“father is exalted”) was changed to Abraham ("father of a multitude”). Jacob (“he grasps” or “he cheats”) became Israel (“He strives with God”). Their names reflected their identity.

When you put your faith in Christ, you were given a new identity. The old man—the old sin nature—has been rendered dead, and you have been born again.

With that new identity comes a new name. You are a child of God! You have been adopted as His son. Let that truth sink in and guide your thoughts and actions. You are not who the world says you are. You are not what your old thoughts say you are. You are a child of God, free from the bondage of the old life. Live up to your new name and identity in Christ. Live in the identity God has given you.

The old anger-engulfed dad is gone. Live as an anger-free dad by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. The old sin nature with its pull toward anger is dead and need not control you. Lean on Jesus and walk in the way of love. When you do, your new identity will become obvious to all. Christ gives you a new identity where anger does not reign.

Thank God for giving you a new identity free from your past. Acknowledge that old habits like anger can be hard to break, but ask Him to so fill you with His love and grace that there is no room for anger.

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