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Anger Free Dad

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The Light of a Dad's Response

Most dads have experienced anger on the road with various bad drivers. We’ve encountered the speeder who didn’t use his turn signal, the oblivious guy who cuts us off, and even the texter who is riding our bumper on the highway. Whatever reason lies behind their poor driving etiquette, it doesn’t take away our frustration. We can’t control their bad driving, but we can control how we will respond.

We can make a bad situation worse by rolling down the window and letting them have it… or we can put grace on display.

In a similar way, most of us have experienced “bad driving” in a conversation with our wives or kids. Sometimes a family member may cut us off mid-sentence, disrespectfully text someone else while we’re trying to talk, or clam up and not communicate at all. Regardless of what they do, our response as dads can make or break the situation.

We can make a bad situation worse with our anger… or we can put grace on display.

God has commanded us to let our conversations be full of grace. Your grace-filled response can encourage and minister to your family. Those in your house may do things that frustrate you, but remember that everyone is on a path of growth—especially your kids. When you respond with anger in a trying situation, it can hinder God’s plan to use you for the good of your family. God has given fathers a specific leadership role—one that is spiritually influential. We are to be strong in Christ and set an example for our families, churches, and communities.

Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us to do it alone. We lean on Jesus, and trust Him to shows us how to respond, how to love, and how to lead. This means we respond to what He shows us in His Word with trust and submission to His lordship.

We can avoid letting circumstances with our spouse and kids trigger anger in us. The key is in remembering how God has been patient and gracious to us. Exhibit that same grace and let grace—not anger—drive the words you use.

Ask God to fill you with His grace and let that grace come out in the way you express yourself and talk to others.

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Anger Free Dad

No dad wants to get angry. We want to raise our kids well, but fatherhood has its share of “anger land mines!” When we’re not on our guard, sometimes the smallest misstep can cause us to explode into anger. If you’re a ...


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