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Anger Free Dad

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The Poison of Unforgiveness

Ever notice how easily we can latch on to forgiveness from someone, but we struggle to give forgiveness? We can be thankful that God, the perfect Father, forgives us, but the perfect Father expects us to give forgiveness just as freely as we take it.

It's not that God is incapable of forgiving, but if you’ve got a dose of unforgiveness in your heart, there’s no room for God’s forgiveness. It’s wise to periodically check your heart for…

unforgiveness toward a family member or friend who owes you money…

unforgiveness toward an individual who wronged you years ago…

unforgiveness toward your own father or mother who dropped the ball…

unforgiveness toward a co-worker who was out of line or took credit for your work…

unforgiveness toward a child who disrespected you…

unforgiveness toward your spouse.

Make no excuses for unforgiveness. Just forgive. That doesn’t mean what the other person did was OK, but it does mean you will no longer hold it against him. After all, God did not excuse your sin, but because Christ paid the penalty for your sin and forgave you, He does not hold your sin against you.

Who benefits most from a forgiving spirit? I can’t say for sure, but I know you will benefit when you forgive. With forgiveness, anger, resentment, and bitterness lose their grip on you. God gives you freedom from anger when you forgive, and isn’t that your goal: to become an anger-free dad?

Let God’s example of forgiveness through Christ fuel your willingness to forgive others. Let your love for Jesus motivate you to forgive. Discover the beauty of what is possible through forgiveness. Take this step in becoming an anger-free dad.

Confess any unforgiveness you may be holding on to. Ask God to remove any resentment and bitterness, and to empower you to forgive, even as He has forgiven you.

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Anger Free Dad

No dad wants to get angry. We want to raise our kids well, but fatherhood has its share of “anger land mines!” When we’re not on our guard, sometimes the smallest misstep can cause us to explode into anger. If you’re a ...


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