Prayers for Dads

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Fatherhood Is Authority

By Danny Saavedra

Heavenly Father, I thank You and praise You, to whom all authority in heaven and on earth belong. You are supreme in everything, and all authority any of us have on earth is given by You to accomplish Your good and perfect purposes. This includes the authority You have bestowed upon each and every father. Today, dear Father, I pray and ask that You touch the lives and hearts of each and every dad, spiritual dad, coach, uncle, grandfather, mentor, pastor, and father figure. I ask that Your Holy Spirit guide them into all truth and reveal Your character and nature to them daily so they would steward the authority You have given them well. I pray they would remember this role of authority was given by You. I pray they would look to You, our good, good Father, as their example for how to operate in this role. I pray You would give them the spiritual vision to see things as You do and to see those under their authority as You see them. Amen.