Prayers for Dads


Fatherhood Is Encouragement

By Pastor Dan Hickling

Dear God, You are our heavenly Father who delights in encouraging Your children. You are constantly working in our lives to edify and build us up, never to discourage, disparage, or demoralize us. It’s never Your will to snuff out the smoldering wick or break the bruised reed, but to mend and strengthen them. You know where we’re weak and faltering and exactly when and how to fortify us. Even when our hearts condemn us, You speak blessing, favor, and hope over us. I see this in Your good character and ask that Your Spirit would overflow every earthly father’s heart with Your encouragement. May they, in turn, pour it out upon their sons and daughters, and may the power of encouragement cascade over generation after generation as part of Your good and perfect plan. Thank You, Father, for this great and precious gift that has its limitless source in You. Amen.