Prayers for Dads

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Fatherhood Is Provision

By Jimmy Purchase

Lord, thank You. I see Your hand in every area of my life. I see the mountains You've moved, the ways You've provided, and the peace You've given me in my most anxious seasons. Looking at Your providential care, I'm reminded You hold all things together. I'm free to release all my cares into Your hands because of who You are and what You've done on my behalf. You go before me in every way!

You have permitted me to make bold requests. I want to ask You, Lord, to provide financially for my family and me. Please work so that when I look at my finances, I can’t help but pause and say, "Thank You, Lord!" Provide for me so I can provide for others—and help me be generous to others in the way You’ve been generous to me. Help me see my finances as a gift from You, not something I've earned. Help me see that my finances partner with You in Your work in the world, not something to fuel my hopes and dreams. I want to be a blessing to You, my family, and others.

I surrender all my worries, my family’s future, and finances to You alone. I trust You completely. Amen.