Make Every Day Count


Your Breakthrough Is Closer Than Ever

Living on purpose for a purpose is an exciting and rewarding way to live. The on-purpose life we want to live is one that lines up with God’s purpose for us and His Kingdom. Although Jesus has provided a wonderful life for us, we must realize that Satan relentlessly tries to steal it.

For this reason we must not be passive and assume the good life will be ours without a fight. Satan is our enemy and he works relentlessly to steal the life that Jesus died to give us. We will have victory only if we stand firmly against him and all of his ways. So don’t stop with this 14-day study…keep going and seize today and every day!

Stop Quitting

You need to press through pain because victory awaits us on the other side. Watch as Joyce shares how to keep from quitting.


In those moments when it seems too difficult, don’t stop. In those times when you feel like throwing in the towel, keep going. Determine to live your life on purpose for a purpose. Don’t ever give up!

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A Season of Preparation

Times in our lives where it seems there is not much happening are typically the places we can take the opportunity to prepare for growth.