Make Every Day Count


Stop Waiting for Circumstances to Be Just Right

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “The best time to do what needs to be done is now,” and that is certainly true. Whether it is paying the bills that are due or picking up the little piece of paper you dropped on the floor – the best time is now! Having the ability to move oneself to immediate action when things need to be done is a trait of a successful person.

Get Your Life in Overdrive

Where is your life headed? Joyce shares how to get it in gear…


Don’t wait for the circumstances to be perfect. Don’t allow procrastination to be part of your life.

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It’s Time for a Change!

Have you ever heard someone say, “Something needs to change!” Or maybe you’ve said it yourself. It’s easy to feel this way when life gets stressful and we’re overwhelmed — like when our schedules are too full and we’re working too hard and have too many commitments.