Make Every Day Count


How to Make Your Dream Work

Success in life requires a goal, a plan, determination, and organization. One may start a business, but certain disciplines need to be in place if it is to succeed. We have a successful ministry, and we are reaching out to hurting people around the world, but it takes a huge amount of organization to be able to do it.

We make plans, and we have schedules, processes, and organization that lead us to good results. A dream by itself never comes to pass. Your dream can become your nightmare if you don’t realize you need hard work, order, and organization to see it become a reality.

Go Through or Give Up?

Life can sometimes present significant challenges. When this happens you have a critical decision to make: to go through the challenge with your faith, or to surrender to the pain.


Take time to write out your goal. Develop and document your plan to see that goal come to life. Become determined to stay organized and on track with that goal. Enlist the help of someone around you that can help hold you accountable to your plan.