30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3

“Seek his kingdom first”

How can we seek a kingdom that isn’t seen, with a king who once was dead and now lives in heaven?

When you want to understand the kingdom of a king and how he reigns, go and meet his people. Often the king won’t be reachable anyway. You need to talk to the people of his kingdom. You might even want to live there to check everything out.

When you are doing a good job or something special, you might even have a chance to see the king or queen face to face. A king can influence everything. If the king is nice, generous, and kind, people are happy. But if the king takes advantage of his position, you won’t like to live in his kingdom.

Jesus is a king who always wants what is best for you. He has a plan for you and he can use you and your abilities exactly how you are. Jesus is a personal and relational king. Jesus is interested in you and even calls himself a best friend and provider. He cares how his people are doing. In Matthew 6:25-27 He shows us how important we are to him.

When you are not sure whether you want to belong to God’s kingdom or not, get to know his people. And you know what is even better about the kingdom of God? You can talk to the king face to face. Everyone can.

You know why? Because we are all meant to be God’s people. But it is our decision if we want him to reign over our lives. He will always be there for you, care for you, and give you tips and advice for a life as a daughter or a son of the king. He doesn't need you, He wants you. You are free to make the decision.

Lettering text: Seek first the kingdom of God