30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3


We are called to freedom.

This verse was written to people who had experienced what slavery meant and what freedom meant. So what can we take out of this when we are already free? Or do we only think we are free but aren’t? What about a TV series, alcohol, or social media? (Try fasting from social media for one week to see if you know what freedom is!)

Those things can have the potential to distract, limit, and hold you back if you allow yourself to become a slave to those things rather than being intentional about serving one another in love. We often think we are free--but we are not. The worldly things distract us and tell us that we need them.

Commandments from God are not meant to limit us and take our freedom, but to allow us to live in the kind of freedom that brings life. Have you ever wondered why there is a warning by an electric fence? Because it causes death when you touch it. It is to protect and warn you, and to keep your freedom.

Lettering text: You were called to freedom