Loneliness - Finding Hope And Connection

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You may have many reasons for your feelings of loneliness. You may be starting to lose hope and feel like you have done all you can and no one can help. You may even believe that your prayers have gone unanswered.

We want to assure you that there is hope. The connection or fellowship you ultimately seek is with Jesus Christ. He created each of us with this desire for community and connection. He wants to fill your life with those things.

That means you can count on the promises of Christ when it comes to never leaving or forsaking you. You can count on his promise to be with you always. We see and feel life differently when we confess our sins, trust in the Holy Spirit, connect with Christian community, and look to serve others.

If you want to talk more about that or just pray with someone, then connect with us at [ChatAboutJesus]

Father God, thank you for sending Jesus Christ to save us. Thank you for offering us forgiveness no matter what our sins. We are grateful for your Holy Spirit being in us once we invite you into our lives. Please help us remember that you are with us at all times. Amen.