Loneliness - Finding Hope And Connection

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Loneliness has existed as long as man has existed. Several characters in the Bible endured the pain of loneliness and only found strength and hope once they turned back towards God. In those stories, we see people God truly loved impacted by feelings of abandonment, isolation and despair. David may be the most powerful example of those feelings.

He was called a man after God’s own heart. Despite that he saw the King wanted to kill him and eventually his own family rise up against him. He was forced to literally run and hide for his life.

David survived through recognizing that his only true hope and source for mercy was God. Whatever our circumstances, we can trust God is with us and that he will use this painful season for eventual good.

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Father God, thank you for always being with us. Thank you for sharing the stories of David and others who always found relief and hope in your promises. Please help us remember that you are with us at all times. Amen.