Loneliness - Finding Hope And Connection

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We know that loneliness is not about your proximity to people. It is possible to feel very disconnected and excluded when being part of a large group. It is not our circumstances that create lonely feelings but rather our lack of connection with people we believe understand and care about us.

However, feelings can deceive us. Sometimes our loneliness is self-inflicted. We may have active sin in our lives that causes us to be ashamed and withdrawn. We may feel God does not care or understand and it has caused us to doubt or lose faith.

We may be so engrossed in the other aspects of our lives that when we look for significant personal connection it has been drowned out by our own busyness. God is there for you and wants to give you the confidence to change and not be afraid, anxious or depressed.

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Father God, thank you for never being too busy for us. You know every detail of our lives and desire good for us. Please help us remember that you are with us at all times. Amen.