Moments for Mums: Refuge - Part 1

Moments for Mums: Refuge - Part 1

DAY 1 OF 3

When King David was exhausted from striving against the hardships of his life, he cried out to God. When his heart grew faint, he called to God to be his refuge.

David used four descriptions of what he wanted from God, and each one has a different nuance. We’ll look at each in turn.

Firstly, David asked God to lead him to a high rock. An elevated position gives new perspective. It allowed David to place himself realistically in his environment. He could see where his enemies were and the size of their armies. He could get an accurate sense of his situation.

Jesus is our spiritual Rock. When we come to him, everything in our world is brought into perspective. No matter what challenges we are facing, a change of perspective can be helpful. A new perspective can often help us see that our problems aren’t as big, or as impending, as they sometimes feel.

Is there a challenge you are currently facing that might benefit from a new perspective?

Loving Father, please help me step back from the circumstances in my life so that I can get perspective. Please show me how to bring glory to you. Amen.


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Moments for Mums: Refuge - Part 1

We long for refuge from the stress, uncertainty and conflict that life throws our way. God offers us refuge. Moments for Mums: Encouragement for mums in the midst of the beautiful mess of parenting and life. Presented b...

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