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Moments for Mums: Refuge - Part 1Sample

Moments for Mums: Refuge - Part 1

DAY 2 OF 3

A strong tower was a familiar defence for David. It gave solid, all-round, protection and security. The tower protected him from both the weapons and approach of his enemies.

We may feel helpless against challenges that confront us and our family. Sometimes our best course is to lock ourselves away from people who drain our energy with opposition. Hand your battles to God. Stop fighting back. Find rest and renewal in God’s strength.

A tent seems like a fragile dwelling to appear in the same breath as the strong tower. But this was not just any tent. This tent was the Lord’s tabernacle, where God was present with His people.

This is a good reminder to spend time with God. It could be through Bible study, prayer, church or serving others. Worshipping God gives us a sense of what is truly important. This will help to refocus and renew us.

When you spend time with God, do you come with an open heart and teachable mind?

Dear God, please give me strong protection when I am weak; and a heart to serve when I am renewed. Amen.


About this Plan

Moments for Mums: Refuge - Part 1

We long for refuge from the stress, uncertainty and conflict that life throws our way. God offers us refuge. Moments for Mum...


We would like to thank Bible Society Australia for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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