7 Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men

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We’re wired to enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a group. It’s why, even when we’re no longer members of high school bands, baseball teams, or military units, many of us still seek the company of antique car clubs or Friday morning golf foursomes.

Yet even in the company of these groups, even with dozens of friends, most men are still doing life alone.

There’s a difference between a friend with whom you share a hobby, or a past, or a few beers and the kind of friend with whom you share your secrets and struggles. I think having both kinds of friends is crucial.

So our question for today is: Who can I trust?

Cultivating the sort of friend in whom you could confide that recently you’ve been tempted to check your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook profile doesn’t come naturally to most of us. This has to be a pretty close friend. But today’s verse in Ecclesiastes tells us why finding this sort of friend is worth the effort. When sin lures you to the brink of a terrible decision, he’s the guy who will help.

As we worked through yesterday, the temptation of sin is unavoidable. So you know what you’ll find when you muster the courage to share your struggle with a friend? He’ll say, “Me too.” So who is that guy for you?


A trusted friend will be curious about your life without competing. He’ll cheer you on and give you safety to share your secrets. Does anyone come to mind who fits—or could fit—this description? If so, reach out to him today.

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