7 Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men

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Your legacy is defined by default or design.

You’ve probably seen a legacy created by default—like a workaholic grandfather whose legacy was a neglected wife and kids. Or maybe you’ve seen a legacy created with intention—like a dad who deliberately showed affection, even though his own dad never did.

You have an opportunity to decide the mark you’ll leave on your family, your company, your community. If necessary, you can break the cycles of the past. Or if you’re lucky, you can double down on the best traits of those who’ve gone before you.

So our question for today is: Where am I going?

We started answering this question yesterday by giving thought to what our desired future looks like in five categories. Our challenge for today is pinpointing the actions it will take to get there.

If you want your wife to still be your best friend 30 years from now, perhaps you need to finally book that getaway vacation for the two of you. If your desired future includes friendship with your siblings, maybe it’s time to check in with a text message.

Like a road trip that requires mile after mile of driving, moving your life toward your desired destination simply requires steady, intentional actions. Let’s figure out what those are.


Revisit your definition of a full life in each of yesterday’s five categories (self, marriage, family, work, the church). Commit to one action for each that will move you in your desired direction.