7 Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


For men, there’s some honor in bearing scars from past battles—the limp that came from years of playing football, or the crooked nose from standing up to the playground bully. These lingering effects remind us of our former glory.

But we all also bear scars of past moments that may not have been so glorious. Maybe it’s a dad who wasn’t around, a business deal that went terribly wrong, or a friendship that led you straight into trouble.

These defining moments and defining relationships can leave a scar you may not even notice. But just like that limp, it may be holding you back from a full and free future.

So our question for today is: What’s my story?

This question is a reminder that the explanation for some of your current circumstances may lay in your past.

Growing up in a fractured family may have taught you that you can’t rely on loved ones to stick around. And the baggage from this may have snuck its way into your marriage as you worry your wife will leave each time you two disagree.

Today’s reading in John says that knowing the truth—in this case, connecting the dots between your past and your present—will set you free. It gives you the chance to forgive. It releases you from bitterness. It allows your past to remind you but not define you.

Looking back into your past may explain your present and will definitely free your future.


Pick one defining relationship or moment from your story. Does this past circumstance explain any of your current struggles or behaviors?