Live Free

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Fostering Your Adoption

I have a friend who went on a mission trip to Haiti after a devastating earthquake. His job was to serve food to the orphans who were living in the streets. Most of the children were used to a life of begging, and they would bring their bowls to be filled.

Once they were done with their first serving, the kids would scatter away by themselves and wouldn’t return for seconds. The team couldn’t understand it. There was plenty for the kids to have second servings. A local from the town finally told the team that the orphans didn’t think they were worth the second helping.

In many ways, we can feel like spiritual orphans, living off the scraps of this world to fill our appetites and not realizing God has so much more for us—His second helping. The truth is you are worth all that God has for you! We’ve been adopted into royalty.

When was the last time you saw a prince or a princess begging for scraps? Christ came to replace our beggar’s bowl with a cup of the King, and He will continually fill it so that we can overflow to others.

But here’s the daily tension: we can choose to live as the orphans or as the adopted. Who will you be today?


God, I thank you that you are my Father and I am your child. Help me live today in a way that reflects how good, how loving, and how powerful you are. I choose to see myself as you see me and to see others as you see them. I praise you, Jesus, for my adoption! Amen.