Live Free

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Fighting from Your Freedom

Jesus equips us to live free. When the pressures and attacks of life come, we are anything but powerless. We have faith, truth, righteousness, peace, God’s word, divine resources through prayer, and we have each other. What I love about the imagery of armor that Paul describes is that it shows an external truth about an internal reality.  

The picture of physical armor is exactly the role God plays for us spiritually! He covers, aids, and protects us in Christ.

Think about it…

  • Belt: Who is our truth?…Jesus Christ.
  • Breastplate: Who is our righteousness?…Jesus Christ.
  • Shield: Who is the author and finisher of our faith?…Jesus Christ.
  • Helmet: Who is our salvation?…Jesus Christ.
  • Sword: Who is the Word become flesh?... Jesus Christ.
  • Shoes: Who is the Prince of Peace?…Jesus Christ.

Remember, we don’t fight for victory, we fight from victory! He has already won. We’re not awaiting some future victory—when Christ died and rose again, he sealed the deal. The debt that mankind owed was paid. That’s why we “put on Christ,” knowing that in Him God has given us divine power to demolish strongholds and has set us free!

What’s amazing to consider in Paul’s illustration of a Roman soldier’s armor is how it also displays the weakest point of the armor: the back. These elite Roman infantries had advanced formations called phalanxes where each soldier protected another soldier’s back. They literally had each other’s backs!

One could say that this means your armor isn’t just for you. My armor can not only protect me but it can also protect you. This is why it’s so important that we talk about God’s truth with each other, pray for and on behalf of each other, and share God’s faithfulness.


Outfit me today, Lord, with your armor! Arm me to be ready and poised for victory. Give me eyes to see how I can protect others with what you’ve given me as well. Help me master all the pieces of armor so when battles come I will be equipped to move forward, trusting completely in You! Amen.