Fast Forward


Fasting for Decisions

Through the second half of this reading plan, we will talk about reasons one might fast, and what a fast can accomplish. I want to preface this with a clear statement: Fasting is not a tool that you can use to get God to answer your prayers. It’s not a way to strongarm God into doing what you want Him to. If you are fasting to manipulate Him, you are doing this for the wrong reason. Fasting produces prayer that produces power. It positions you to receive answers from Him.

If you are full of chaos and confusion but need clarity, consider fasting and prayer for your decision. We see in Acts 13 that new covenant biblical fasting is connected to making important decisions. The disciples were fasting and worshiping at a critical time in the church's history. Supernatural knowledge of where to go and who to send was vital. The Holy Spirit responded with clear direction. Barnabas and Saul (Paul) were chosen and sent out, and this endeavor brought the gospel to the Roman empire and changed the trajectory of the church.

Can you receive direction from the Holy Spirit without fasting? Absolutely. But sometimes, you need a clear, resounding word from the Lord. This is what I call a rhema word, a word that is specifically tailored to your life, not a logos word that can be obtained by reading the Bible. So if you need a specific word that applies to your situation, consider fasting. If you are in the middle of a fast right now, have faith for direction and clarity for the issue that is puzzling you. God will meet you there with a clear rhema word, just as He did for the disciples.