Fast Forward


Fasting for Leadership Direction

Being installed in leadership is connected to new covenant fasting. This passage in Acts says they were worshiping and fasting, and then they committed leaders which they appointed elders. If you’re trying to figure out where you fit in in the body of Christ, how to receive an appointment from God, or how to get established in ministry, try dedicating time to prayer and fasting. Maybe you feel out of position, and you need to know your next step. Perhaps you’re in leadership in a company, and you have to hire someone or decide to elevate someone—try fasting.

How many times have people been carelessly elevated into positions that were good ideas but not God’s ideas? How often have we made critical decisions about who to partner with in business without a fast? What about flippant choices about who to go into ministry with that weren’t preceded by a fast? God purposefully paired Barnabas and Paul together. There was nothing haphazard about it. And it was connected to the fast. When you pray and fast for leadership direction, you will receive information from heaven that becomes impartation that produces direction.