How to Give My Best to God?

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In the same chapter of Matthew 6, Jesus gives us three other points to give our best to God. We already learned about giving, now he teaches us about Prayer. Prayer is God's gift to us. Being able to have that direct line with the Father 24/7 without interruption. Many of us do not use this gift. We wait until difficult times arrise. We often wait until the last moment turn to he who knows us best. Learning to prioritize prayer in our lives can help us get much closer to God. The reality is that we will not begin to pray by ourselves if we are not determined to pray by establishing a time and place to do so. God already has the answer to our question, but sometimes we are not looking. In that same chapter Jesus teaches us about fasting. Fasting is so powerful and effective! Fasting opens the gates of heaven and the doors of our hearts to hear what God is speaking. Fasting is a desperate cry of our soul for Jesus. It is something that we are doing less and less.

Jesus teaches us about having no other treasure more valuable than the Kingdom of God. Jesus teaches us to always fix our eyes on him and on our eternal dwelling. Jesus teaches us not to worry about this earth and the things of this life, but rather, giving, praying, fasting, reading his word, and to prioritize him in our lives. In this way we are seeking first his Kingdom and his righteousness and giving the first place to God.