How to Give My Best to God?

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God will never stop loving you, he will never abandon you, nor forsake you. He will always take care of you and be with you. Nothing can separate you from his love. God’s gracious extention of unconditional love does not mean that we reciprocate his love. The fact that God's love towards us is unconditional does not mean that he is approving of everything we do. God’s love often resembles and surpases that of an earthly father. When a son has a negative attitude his father still loves him, but he does not agree with his son’s attitude.

This happened to Cain. After having murdered his brother Abel, Cain thought that God was going to stop caring for him and abandon him. God put a mark on him so that no one would touch him. The attitude that Cain had before he murdered his brother is surprising. Cain was brokenhearted and sad because God had looked favorably on Abel and not on him. How many times has this happened to us; we see others succeeding and prospering and we become envious. We see others that God raises, uses, or blesses and it makes us question God. The reality is that God loves everyone equally, but not everyone persues God’s love. God does not have favorites, but he does have those closest to him. As you get closer to God you will experience more of him. This is not because God loves you more than your peers, but because you become closer to his love. How close are you to God today? Do you think you can get closer? In the next couple days, we will see how we can do it.