How to Give My Best to God?

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Our greatest commitment to God is to enjoy Him. Similar to marriage, in which there are many commitments, the most important commitment is to enjoy and love your spouse above all else.What God is looking for is someone to enjoy, to be intimate with, and to spend time with. If we want to enjoy God, and for God to enjoy us, we must ask ourselves these simple questions: What are God’s tastes? What is something that God enjoys?

In the book of Genesis we can see something that captivates the heart of God. We see it in the story of Cain and Abel. These two brothers presented offerings to God. One gave "THE BEST" that he had, and God looked favorably on the offering from Abel. How wonderful it is to be able to get a smile on the face of our God, how beautiful it is that God looks at you with pleasure. This story in Genesis reveals to us that God enjoys when we give him “THE BEST” of our lives. Today I want to ask you: Are you really giving your best to God? Do you think God can see you in the same way that he saw Abel, with a look of pleasure?