Overcoming Spiritual Attack

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Attack Symptom 1 - Lack of Spiritual Passion

There are two easily identifiable signs to watch for that signal a spiritual attack is under way.

Waning tenacity: This is signaled by a decreasing level of tenacity for the things of God. When Satan's minions are coming against you, your prayer life will seem to be stalled. It feels as though it is almost impossible to touch God in the same way you so easily did in a previous season. This is one of the enemy's tactics.

Dulled purpose and passion: A highlight of our spiritual lives is discovering a sense of purpose. An inward passion ignites as destiny is unfolded and vision released. But under the dark cloud of a spiritual attack the senses grow dull, and the passion turns into apathy. If you remain in this condition, it is possible you will head down a road of deception and away from the call that is on your life.

You must lift up your voice and command the enemy to take his hands off you! You break the attack with your words. Words are keys that open and close spiritual doors. You use words of strength to tell Satan, “No!” A general does not ask the troops to advance. He commands them. In the same way you command the attack to be broken in the name of Jesus.