Overcoming Spiritual Attack

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Attack Symptom 3 - Confusion About Purpose

Two of the enemy’s chief weapons in an attack aimed at moving someone outside of purpose are mental attacks and pressure.

Mental attacks: The devil attacks the mind and begins to twist thoughts and perspective in order to bring confusion. Satan’s mental attacks cause a person to be paralyzed in his thought life and left bewildered.

Pressure: This tactic is a lead indicator of a demonic plot. The kingdom of God is full of power and authority—but not pressure. The Holy Spirit leads us (Rom. 8:14); He does not force us or intimidate us into being obedient. Those are tactics of our enemy.

Set times in the presence of God are absolutely key for us; each of us must establish and maintain them in our lives. In prayer we are strengthened. A strong prayer life will abort the assignment and the foul plots of the enemy.

Prayer also releases much-needed wisdom strategies. When you recognize a spiritual attack, begin to seek God for His counsel and instruction. He already has the escape route mapped out and will lead you out with the spoils of the enemy.