Prayers for a Fresh Start


A Prayer for Peace


Thank You for making it possible for me to experience peace at all times. Because You gave us Your Son, I always have a way to know and experience You. There is nothing that can separate me from Your loving presence. God, I know this, but sometimes I struggle to believe You could love someone like me.

When I don’t feel Your peace, please help me to rest in the confident assurance that You are still in control. And because You are still in control, I can approach each new day with joy and thankfulness.

There is nothing that is too hard for You to do. There is nothing broken that You cannot make new. So please help me to see the new things You are doing in this season. Let my trust in You deepen and my faith in You flourish. For as my faith grows, so does my awareness of Your perfect love. And when Your love consumes me, there is no room for fear.

So transform me by Your love so that my life becomes an example of Your peace that surpasses understanding.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Action Step

As you continue to seek after God’s heart in this season, make a list of some of the things He’s revealed to you so far. Turn these things into action statements that you can review each day. Allow the truths that God has revealed to you to transform the way you think in this fresh season.

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