Witness: Be the Ripple Effect in Your Sphere of Influence

Witness: Be the Ripple Effect in Your Sphere of Influence

DAY 4 OF 5

The Difference A Servant Makes

Ever think the way you serve is small and insignificant? That what you do doesn’t matter? Today you’ll see how you have influence, how even one simple act can change someone’s eternity. 

There is a difference between Christians and Christ-followers; the first are consumers, the second servants. Anyone can call themselves a Christian. But most who call themselves Christians are just consumers…think about this: Faith without work is dead -- God wants his people to be active. Ephesians 5:1 says we are to imitate God in everything we do; so if we are going to imitate God, we start by being a SERVANT!

In Luke 15 we read about the role of servants and learn that the servants: 

  • Had influence -- if you are being a servant and a true Christ-follower, you have Godly influence! You have no idea who could be watching you, but you are influencing people each and every day. They’re watching the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you interact with other people. They’re watching you because you proclaim to be a Christian. Don’t be surprised that when people you know hit rock bottom, they call you. 

  • Had an abundance -- The servants in this passage didn’t make much, but their father made sure they were well taken care of. Jesus takes care of the people who serve Him. If you think you don’t have enough, know this: you actually have an abundance … of love, talent, time, even money. 

  • Helped cause life change -- Because they served, life change happened (v. 22-24). You can have the same effect when you serve in your church. Why? Because people get saved every week at your church. Church would not happen without the countless people who sacrifice their time, talents, and treasures to make church happen as they SERVE!!! Know that because you decide to serve, life change happened!

You have a talent/gift -- God wants you to use it. You have the time -- God wants you to steward it. You have the treasure -- God wants you to steward that. You can use these things to serve God through your local church and watch people get saved!!!

We’re all just real people, imperfect people, going after a real Jesus and trying to bring others with us to Him. People like the Prodigal Son will be coming to their senses in 2022. The pandemic caused a lot of people to hit rock bottom and they’re looking for relief, for peace, joy, love, release from their guilt and shame; they’re looking for restoration. For years they’ve been looking in all the wrong places. Your task is to point them to the only one who has all they’re looking for -- Jesus. 

Reflection Questions 

  1. In what ways have you thought the way you serve is small and insignificant or that what you do doesn’t matter? Do you think differently now? 

  2. Are you a Christian or a Christ Follower? As you reflect on the past few weeks, are you being a consumer or a contributor? In what ways? 

  3. How are you serving or how can you start serving at your church? What action step can you take this week to take your next step? 

  4. What are you waiting for?  What has God blessed you with?  How much more does God have to bless you before you give back?

  5. A very powerful truth is that a single invite could change everything -- can you remember how you first attended church, either as a child or later in life? What made the difference? Can you think of anyone you can invite to church this week that starts a ripple effect? 

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Witness: Be the Ripple Effect in Your Sphere of Influence

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