The Pursuit

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Welcome to The Pursuit Bible Plan, a five-day version of my four-week The Pursuit Bible Study. I’m thrilled that you’ve found this, and I pray that at the end of this short plan you’ll commit to the whole four weeks of study with a small group of friends. Above all, I pray you’ll really press toward the goal of pursuing the heart of God.

This Bible plan and Bible study are not meant as something we place on our “to do” list, complete, then move on to the next thing. They’re a means to draw you into a closer relationship with your heavenly Father. As you read from Psalm 63 today, remember to consider that David wrote this at a time when he was wandering in the wilderness. Even in a dry chapter of David’s life, he stayed focused on his pursuit of God. No matter what kind of wilderness you’re lost or hiding in, know that God is eager to be found by you. He is delighted by your pursuit of Him.

Let’s pray to begin our pursuit together. “Father, will You break down the things in us that keep us from pursuing You with our whole heart? Break down the walls we’ve built up in our hearts. Break down our false security. Break our pride and self-sufficiency. Help us to trust You and sink deeply into Your love. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”