Shake It Off

DAY 5 OF 5

Shake off condemnation

Have you ever felt condemned?

Condemnation is the fruit of guilt. When you live embracing guilt, you live as one who is condemned. But that feeling does not come from God but the enemy. Jesus took your guilt on his shoulders, forgave you, and freed you from all eternal condemnation.

Have you been stuck with condemnation because of some religious mindset? Or maybe because of some wrong thinking about God's love and acceptance?

Perhaps you have been told that you could earn God's favor or love only by doing certain things. Or maybe you were led to believe that you could not get closer to God unless you changed your way of living.

We unwittingly conditioned God's forgiveness. But Jesus took our guilt on his shoulders so that we not only live forgiven but also free from eternal damnation in this world. This is not about having a license to live as you want, but about focusing on the eternal value Jesus paid for our lives and living according to his will.

If you have any condemnation attached to your life, it was not put there by God, but by the enemy, or even by you. The good news is that the only condition for not being condemned is your faith. Just as your bad behavior does not condemn you, neither does your good make God love you more than He already does.

Shake off condemnation, for it is a burden that is not yours to carry. It is a poison that the enemy will use to limit your life.

You have all the authority in heaven to live free from rejection, negativity, and condemnation. Take responsibility, shake off everything that tries to bite you. The God in you is greater than the one in this world. Keep moving forward and progressing because what God has for your life is incomparable!

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for carrying our guilt on your shoulders and saving us from condemnation through your sacrifice on the cross. Help me to live in freedom and according to your will. Help me shake the condemnation from my life and walk confidently toward all you have prepared for me. Amen.

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Shake It Off

Shake It Off is a five-day devotional by Chris Mendez, pastor of Hillsong Latin America. This devotional is designed to give you hope in the middle of challenging and difficult times.

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