Shake It Off

DAY 4 OF 5

 Shake off negativity

The world today is more negative than ever. Everywhere we can see how negativity produces cracks in humanity, politics, churches, and families.

Fewer and fewer people think that God has something good for their future. They would rather talk about their problems than remember God's promises, and instead of speaking life, they have a negative confession.

Sometimes we don't realize it, just as when the smoke of our surroundings sticks to us, and we walk through life bitter, unaware of the negativity that flows from us. How quickly we forget that in the storm, Jesus is in the boat with us.

In Numbers 13, we can read the story of the 12 spies who were sent to explore the promised land. When they returned, they brought with them the fruits of the land as proof of its abundance and the extraordinary place God had prepared for them. Those fruits showed that they would find everything they needed in that place, not only to survive but also to progress.

Why do you have faith to survive? Let us have faith to progress! Because the fruit that God has prepared for us is abundant.

But in the story of the 12 spies, we read that although Caleb insisted on going and conquering the place, 10 of the 12 were opposed for fear of the giants who lived there. The negativity of some rubbed off on all of them, and that is how the people of Israel were left out of what God had for them.

A well-known saying goes, "Avoid negative people. They always have a problem for every solution." Negativity feeds doubt, which is why we must silence the negative voices in our lives.

Let us have faith and bold expectation, believing that God can save, protect, and bless us even during the storm and challenges.

Let us remember that the God of victory works on our behalf!

Prayer: Lord, help me to have bold faith. Change my perspective so I can see possibilities where others see problems. Thank you for all that you have in store for us. Amen.

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Shake It Off

Shake It Off is a five-day devotional by Chris Mendez, pastor of Hillsong Latin America. This devotional is designed to give you hope in the middle of challenging and difficult times.

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