Injured by the Church

Injured by the Church

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Dear friend, there is no such thing as a perfect local church. Jesus himself is working to make his bride spotless.

You may see problems in your church, but be careful not to become critical and slanderous. Consider the beam in your eye before you see the straw in your siblings' eyes!

If your experience of church has hurt you rather than bringing you closer to God, it is likely that you have just experienced religion and not God's family. Religion is what is left when the Holy Spirit is removed from a church.

My friend, have you ever bumped your foot against a piece of furniture?  It is unlikely that you cut your foot off your leg to prevent this from happening again. Likewise, although you may be wounded in the body of Christ, parting from it will do more harm than good, like an amputation.

Jesus said :"This is how they will know that you are my disciples: by the love between you.”

What if you became a disciple of Jesus filled with love for others instead of letting bitterness lead you into loneliness? When you have been hurt, it is difficult to trust again, but the Holy Spirit can comfort you so that you may be able to regain your place in the body of Christ rather than isolate yourself from your brothers and sisters. I'm sure there are excellent churches around you, and all you have to do is look around a little and be prepared to travel a few miles to find a spiritual family that will allow you to grow in faith.

In the same way that you do not choose the family into which you are born, but you choose the person you marry, you are not obliged to remain all your life in the congregation to which you have converted. Some spiritual families are dysfunctional, and when we realize this as we become more mature in faith, we can ask the Holy Spirit for help to lead us to a healthier place.

The Bible says that we should not abandon our assemblies. This is not about never changing local churches, but about constantly meeting with other Christians. So if this verse prevents you from considering finding a good church, rest assured. There is a difference between a dysfunctional church and having a difficult relationship with a particular Christian. 

It's like in a family...maybe you argued with your brother or sister, but that didn't make your parents irresponsible and deprive them of their parental rights. Just as iron sharpens iron. In contact with others, you too will change into the likeness of Jesus.

If God can lead you to change assemblies, or if it may be necessary for you to make that decision, do not become an itinerant or solitary Christian, but fully integrate into a local church.

I pray that you may again say with the psalmist :  "I rejoice when they say to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord'."  "May it be sweet and pleasant for brothers and sisters to dwell together!”

I invite you to discover the audio guide, 21 Days of Listening to God's Voice. It is a prayer journey to learn to recognize God's voice. You can experience the first 5 days here. 

David Théry

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Injured by the Church

Jesus is perfect. But churches are filled with Christians who are still on the way to resemble him. It is therefore possible that you have been hurt by Christians. I want to help you overcome these wounds so that you can...

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