Injured by the Church

Injured by the Church

DAY 2 OF 3

Day #2 Stay connected to the body, you need it

Depending on our life course, it can happen that our past wounds make us so sensitive that they complicate our relationships with others despite all the good will they put into it. 

God can heal you from the rejection or betrayals you have experienced in the past so that these wounds no longer have the power to block your current relationships.

Ask the Holy Spirit who you need to forgive in your past and forgive them.

Ask what lies you have believed and what truth you should believe.

For example, perhaps you have come to believe that no one can be trusted, no Christian will ever be worthy of your trust. But the truth is that not everyone is like those people who made you suffer in the past.

The only way to develop your character is to be in contact with other people.

It is impossible to put into practice the more than 70 verses of the New Testament that speak of our relationships with our brothers and sisters if we live in isolation.

Just because someone is in the same congregation as you, doesn't mean you have to be their friend. You don't choose your brothers and sisters but you choose your friends.

Don't accept anything and everything from someone just because they say they are your brother or sister. In the church, everyone has a different level of maturity. Without falling into judgment and criticism, however, you can set healthy limits on each other based on their behavior.

Peter would have liked to be able to stop forgiving after a certain number of times, but Jesus showed him that he still had to forgive his brother. Wherever there are human beings, it is necessary to apply forgiveness regularly. The more you see someone, the more you will be led to forgive them.

Remember that if you have to forgive, it is because Jesus has forgiven you.

To keep bitterness or hatred against your brothers while pretending to love God is to deceive yourself. Just as in a marriage, a couple conflicts are inevitable but can be resolved and make the couple stronger, work to build healthy relationships in your congregation.

We are invited to make every effort to keep the bond of peace through the Holy Spirit. This bond between us comes from the fact that we are children of God. It is a spiritual and supernatural bond that unites very different people, but we must be careful to protect it, that is, be intentional and make efforts to maintain it.

It's worth it!

I pray that God will help you to realize the value of fellowship and that it will become so precious that you will be ready to defend it with all your strength.

David Théry

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Injured by the Church

Jesus is perfect. But churches are filled with Christians who are still on the way to resemble him. It is therefore possible that you have been hurt by Christians. I want to help you overcome these wounds so that you can...

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