Hope & Healing for Families of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

Hope & Healing for Families of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

DAY 5 OF 5

Getting through the storm.

I truly believe God has a plan and purpose for the storm you are in. He doesn’t want us to stay in this storm forever, but He wants us to use this storm for His glory and purpose. 

If I would have never gone through the storm of my husband’s addiction, I wouldn’t be able to give you HOPE and to share with you that you are NOT alone and that it’s NOT your fault. 

In James chapter 1, the writer talks about how we will be met with various trials in life. We don’t get to pick our trials, but we do get to decide how we will respond to those trials. We must put our trust in God. God is on the side of those who trust Him through life's most difficult moments, including our loved one’s addiction. Give it to God. Trust God to do what only He can do. Our faith only grows stronger when tested by trials. 

Today you have a choice to make. Are you going to stay stuck and be drowned by this storm, or are you willing to embrace and fight through the storm?

Remember those three simple but powerful statements to navigate us to the other side of the storm. 

You are NOT alone. God does not want you to endure this storm alone. Find others who are going through the same storm so that you can support, love, pray, and care for one another. We find hope when we can sit among others who have the same struggles and victories as we do. 

It’s NOT your fault. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, just like cancer or diabetes. Do you blame yourself if your loved one gets cancer, diabetes, or another disease? Why are you blaming yourself for your loved one’s addiction? It’s not your fault. There is nothing you said or did to make him or her addicted to drugs or alcohol. The enemy wants you to believe it is your fault. The enemy wants to take away your joy, keep you in a place of depression, but God wants to comfort you and for you to live a life full of love and purpose. Don’t let the enemy win. Our God has overcome the enemy. 

There is HOPE! Do you want a life filled with fear or hope? I am sure it's HOPE. Cling to the hope we have in Jesus. When we can become united in our pain, but still under the banner of love, we can begin to find hope. 

My prayer is that as you finish this plan today, you have found hope. Finding hope will allow you to have peace, faith, and freedom. You deserve it.

Today’s Challenge:

Remember and believe these three simple sentences. You are NOT alone. It’s NOT your fault. There is HOPE. 

“Finding Hope has given me a place to air my joys and disappointments and a way to keep MY life on track.” Carin (mom of an addict)

Our prayer is this plan has given you hope as you navigate your loved ones' addiction. Click here to learn more about Finding Hope.


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Hope & Healing for Families of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

When you love someone addicted to drugs or alcohol you feel all alone, you blame yourself, and lose all hope. You find yourself in the middle of a terrible storm and wonder if you will ever get out. This Bible plan will ...

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