Hope & Healing for Families of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


You are NOT alone. It’s NOT your fault. There is HOPE!

When we love someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, we begin to isolate and close ourselves off to the rest of the world. We feel like no one understands the storm we are going through, and we keep it all to ourselves. We are just trying to survive one day at a time. 

We wonder if we are ever going to get out of the storm. 

We wonder what we did wrong as a mother, father, spouse, brother, sister to make our loved one a drug addict or alcoholic. 

We wonder if there is really any hope for them to find recovery and any hope for us to find peace, healing, and happiness again. 

I am here to tell you there is.

Yes, you will get through this storm. Yes, you will get your life back. Yes, you can be happy. Yes, you can find peace. Yes, there is HOPE. 

Today, I want you to know and speak this truth to yourself:     

  • You are NOT alone.  

  • It’s NOT your fault.  

  • There is HOPE!

My prayer is at the end of this plan you will truly believe those three simple, yet powerful truths.

Today’s Challenge:

Have you surrendered your fears, anxiety, and feelings to God? Give it to Him. Cling to the truths from God’s Word. He will get you through this. He will give you peace. He will give you HOPE!

“When I started attending Finding Hope meetings, I felt like I could finally breathe.” Jennifer (mom of an addict)